University Messaging Service

Messaging is a suite of services offered by the Office of Public Affairs and Communications. It consists of both a self-service interface built into the message application for sending targeted messages and a personalized customer service enterprise. The latter provides hands-on assistance sending targeted messages, identifying target audiences, managing and manipulating lists, posting material online, and establishing dynamic access restrictions to materials. Lists can contain Yale and non-Yale email addresses.

Message application:

Note: Additional approval must be obtained for mass emailing.

University messaging

Clients who need to send messages to targeted University audiences and targeted non-University audiences. more...

Clients who want to send messages to audiences within Finance & Business Operations. more...

ITS messages are sent by ITS technical owners or functional system owners who need to reach targeted internal and external audiences and to post information to the Web. more...

Self-service messaging

Departments who would like to send their own large-scale, targeted email messages, please email Communications directly for more information.

The University Messaging system is a web-based application developed at Yale. It supports large-scale email messaging as well as targeted messaging to the following types of lists:

  • Auto-refresh – using SQL query (Data warehouse, HR, Banner). These lists are updated daily.
  • Subscription – provides a web page for individuals to subscribe to the list (see example).
  • ARS – Auto-refresh subscription group – a list that updates daily using a SQL query, but also allows individuals to unsubscribe from the list.
  • File Upload – upload a plain text file of email addresses.

It also has an option to post messages to a web page (see example of message web page).

The message can be set up to come from various email accounts.

We will work with initially to identify your lists and train you and anyone else who needs to send messages to the same lists.

There is no charge for the service.

Message Lite

Message Lite is a self-service email tool that provides access to the messaging system groups by NetID. This is especially valuable as it connects people with lists that can auto-update using SQL query. Included is a subscription service that automatically removes members when they leave Yale. Rich html content and attachments can be used with Message Lite.

If you would like to learn more about Message Lite, please email Campus Communications directly for more information.