University Messaging Service

The University Messaging Service is a suite of services offered by the Office of Public Affairs and Communications. It consists of both a self-service interface built into the message application for sending targeted messages and a personalized customer service enterprise. The latter provides hands-on assistance sending targeted messages, identifying target audiences, managing and manipulating lists, posting material online, and establishing dynamic access restrictions to materials. Lists can contain Yale and non-Yale email addresses.

An email must be sent to the Office of Public Affairs and Communications if you would like to send a message.

Service Offerings

Self-Service Messaging
Self-Service Messaging (aka ‘Message III’) is for departments or schools to send targeted email messages to lists that are automatically updated from Banner or Oracle. More

Message Lite
Message Lite is a self-service email tool that provides access to the messaging system groups by NetID. This is especially valuable as it connects people with lists that can auto-update using SQL query. More

Email Subscription Service
The Email Subscription Service allows people to subscribe and unsubscribe from any list that is available. People can also be auto-subscribed to some groups based on specific criteria with the option to unsubscribe. More