University Messaging

To send a message, you must send an email to univ-messages. The email alias univ-messages reaches a team of people in Communications & Planning. View custom lists or groups available.

Note: Additional approval must be obtained for the use of messaging service mass emailing lists.

For normal or medium priority messages

During normal business hours (8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.), email request to univ-messages for planned event or medium priority (message will be sent/posted ASAP or within 24 hours).

Prioritization of services

Type of messageDistribution timeframeEligible for on-call service
Public health and safetyWithin 2 hoursYes
VIP messages*4-24 hoursYes
Unplanned eventsWithin 2 hoursYes
Planned events (including system and service changes)2 working daysNo
Newsletters/training3 working daysNo

*VIP messages include messages from the President, Secretary, Provost, Deans or Vice Presidents. These messages may be events, policy, announcements or social events. Depending on the kind of message, Communications will distribute based on the urgency of the message in collaboration with the client.

In case of after hours or urgent message

For emergency messages, send email to univ-messages and call 203.432.2079, if message needs to be distributed in under 2 hours or it is after normal business hours.

Remember to include address information:

TO:Descriptive name of recipients
FROM:Name (or names) and valid email account
SUBJECT:Subject of message (be descriptive)
REPLY TO (optional):(optional) Valid email address - can be different than FROM address


Sending a message via the service costs nothing, but if you are interested in using the messaging application for your departmental needs, please contact Campus Communications for more information.